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What You Must Discover!

Our Region : Le Haut Poitou

Détail de l'église Saint-Jacques
Le Haut Poitou has always been a place of passage and discovery. Many vestiges are retelling history and way of life of humanity throughout time:

  • prehistorical, Gallic or Roman sites,
  • Castles and manors, churches and chapels
  • touristic areas or hiking ways
  • gastronomy

In Châtellerault

  • Henri IV bridge and Vienne riverfronts Le pont Henri IV sur la Vienne
  • Saint Jacques church and polychromatic statue of the saint
  • architectural route with Sully museum and Descartes house
  • the aquatic center with its toboggan, its large pool and its waves pool
  • two cinema theaters: Le Loft 3 minutes away from la Dulcinière and les 400 coups

Very Close From Châtellerault

A Little Farther

Une gabarre au gré des courants de la VienneSeveral hiking loops are possible from or around Châtellerault: Camino de Santiago, GR hike alongside Vienne river or in Pinail forest.

For more information, we recommend to consult Vienne tourism website